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Administration of Medicines and Health Care

 Throughout their time at Mosshead all pupils will receive routine medical examinations. Pupils will have dental and vision inspections and height and weight checks in P1 & P7; they will also have a one to one health interview in P7. These examinations will be carried out by the school nurse and dental services and all parents/guardians will be advised of any treatment found to be necessary.

It is essential that you inform the school of any medical requirements that your child may have. If your child requires medication to be held in school we must receive a completed consent form with clearly marked instructions on dosage and timings. Please ensure that all medicines are well within their use by date and are clearly labelled with your child's name, date of birth and class. Please note that we can only hold medicines prescribed by a doctor and that we do not have any facilities to store medications that require to be kept refrigerated.

In line with health and safety procedures all medicines must be handed in to the school office along with the appropriate documentation and not kept in class by pupils.

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