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Attainment and Achievement

In Mosshead Primary we are very proud of our many successes and achievements and we take every opportunity to celebrate attainment and achievement in our school. You will see from our standards and quality report that we have been highly successful with our achievements and attainment being recognised both internally and externally.

We were exceptionally proud of our Customer Service Excellence Award where we scored 100% in the set criteria of this rigorous assessment.

In April 2012 we were commended for our work on all matters Eco and we were awarded our third green flag.

Our achievements in citizenship and enterprise have also been recognised by local, national and global charities. Our Pupil Council are very pro active in raising funds to support many charities. As a school we are extremely proud of our efforts in supporting the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research; we have raised in excess of £50,000 since 1999.

Friday assemblies give us a wonderful opportunity to recognise pupil's success and achievements both within and outwith the school. Class performances in leading assemblies always impress pupils, parents, staff and visitors.

Our Learning Festivals are also celebrated and commended for their outstanding success and allow us to further strenghthen out triangular partnership between pupils, parents and staff.

Christmas concerts are always outstanding events at mosshead primary. Our most recent performances were commended by Councillor Stewart, Provost Gotts, Councillor Walker and Gordon Currie, Head of Education.

As you browse our website you will find a plethora of achievements and successes; please click on the links below to read more.

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