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Back Pack Appeal

Once again, Mosshead Pupil Council is supporting Mary’s Meals and the Back Pack Appeal. Mary’s Meals is a wonderful charity, which began 10 years ago when 2 Scotsmen watched the effects of the Bosnian conflict on the news. They left their home in Argyll with food and blankets to do what they could to help. After they returned home, they decided to continue their work, and today the charity feeds more than 600,000 children every day in many countries around the world.

The Pupil Council are asking for your help by donating backpacks containing everyday items we take for granted, such as t-shirts, pencils and toothbrushes. The backpacks and the clothing do NOT need to be new – items that are in good condition but have been outgrown are ideal.
The closing date for this appeal is 23rd April – please help us to help children less fortunate.

The pupils of Mosshead have 'pulled it out of the bag' again with the Backpack appeal with a grand total of 99 backpacks. A huge Thank You to everyone who supported this worthwhile cause by bringing in a few of the things that will make a world of difference to children in other countries.