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Child Protection

East Dunbartonshire Council has issued Child Protection procedures and guidance which all staff must follow to promote the welfare of children and to protect them from harm.

It is the responsibility of all staff in Mosshead Primary to ensure that the children in our care are protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation; it is essential that we work together and in cooperation with families and carers to enable our children to grow up in a warm, stimulating and safe environment.

The Child Protection Coordinator for Mosshead Primary is the Head Teacher and all staff must inform her of any allegations or concerns about the welfare of any of our pupils. All matters will be treated sensitively and in confidence and the Head Teacher will respond immediately and appropriately contacting the relevent services if required. If parents or others have concerns for any child, they can speak to the Head Teacher about this. They can also contact social work services and/or the police.

Mosshead Primary has a copy of East Dunbartonshire Council's Child Protection Proceedures and Guidance; this is available for reference from the Head Teacher.

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