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Enterprise at Mosshead

Here at Mosshead Primary we are all very proud of our enterprising approach to learning and life.

Our classrooms are enterprising hives of activity where we use our enterprising skills to solve problems, learn new things and create an exceptional standard of work.

Each year, we celebrate St. Andrew's Day with a focus on Enterprise and every class participates in a St. Andrew's Day themed activity. In the past these activities have included baking and selling saltire fairy cakes, creating coasters and making games for the younger pupils to play.

In addition, an after school Enterprise club is organised by some of the teachers every year. We will keep you updated with the Enterprising activities planned for the club this session when we have more details.

To see more examples of Enterprise in action at Mosshead, have a look at the Eco schools and Health and Wellbeing sections of the website - we are being enterprising in these areas all the time! Or click here to see our Enterprise in Mosshead Information Leaflet.