Images from around the school

Health and Wellbeing

We had fun promoting our Health & Wellbeing topic recently when Erin Bruce brought a selection of giant vegetables from her Great Uncle Ted’s greenhouse to school. Everyone in the school had a chance to look at and touch the enormous carrots, onions and leeks as Erin and some helpers showed them to every class.

We collected 564 Morrisons ‘Let’s Grow’ vouchers and used them to order vegetable seeds. We plan to plant them in the Spring. We will have to work very hard for our crop to be as successful as Erin’s Great Uncle Teds!

Pupil members of our Eco Committee are keen for us to grow our own fruit and vegetables, following on from our two successful potato harvests. Working in partnership with Dobbies Garden World has given us a super opportunity to establish a school orchard. We were delighted to take delivery recently of five fruit trees which we will soon plant in our school grounds. We hope that everyone will care for our trees and look forward to them bearing fruit.