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Language and literacy are integral components of Curriculum for Excellence, providing our learners with the means to communicate successfully with their peers as well as a wider audience.

In Mosshead we are striving to provide our pupils with a range of activities to enhance their confidence and competence in all aspects of literacy. As well as utilising a range of stimulating resources aimed at developing specific skills in reading, writing, listening and talking, we are integrating language-based activities into other curricular areas, for example Social Studies topics.


Listening and Talking

Our listening and talking activities aim to provide pupils with opportunities to engage with others in purposeful group and class discussions as well as encouraging a collaborative approach to learning. Pupils are encouraged to discuss and explain their thinking, for example through Reciprocal Teaching, and to develop their confidence for speaking aloud through whole school activities such as the annual Burns poetry competition.



The Reciprocal Teaching programme now rolled out throughout the upper stages is providing our pupils with opportunities to develop a range of skills in reading, within the context of a particular novel. In addition, the reading programme of study used throughout the school utilises Oxford Reading Tree resources in order to introduce and develop essential skills in reading.



In the area of writing, a variety of stimulating resources are used from Primary 1 to Primary 7 to allow pupils to show and develop both creativity and technical skills. Pupils are encouraged to use self- and peer-assessment throughout the writing process, using these Formative Assessment strategies to share, discuss and improve pieces of writing.