Images from around the school

Mossheads 'Heart of the Matter'

On a recent in service day the whole staff of Mosshead Primary participated in a self evaluation exercise in order to identify the aims and objectives of our school and how effective we are at delivering them. After a short briefing session we divided into small groups to discuss and decide what we thought were the strengths of Mosshead Primary. When we came back together and shared our ideas with the other groups it soon became clear that not only did we identify many strengths, but that there was a very strong agreement within the staff about what they were. It was abundantly clear that everyone felt that the wellfare and education of our pupils was at the very heart of what we do, it was from this consensus of opinion that Mosshead's 'Heart of the Matter' was born.

Mosshead's Heart of the Matter took on the physical form of an eye catching and vibrant wall display, situated at the back of our main hall. The display serves as a visual reminder to all staff, pupils, parents and visitors to our school of the many strengths and examples of good practice that are imbedded in Mosshead Primary.