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Pupils With Additonal Support Needs

Some children may have additional support needs in school. The specific nature and cause of such problems can vary widely. It is important that such children are identified at an early stage in order that work can be tailored to suit their needs.

In Mosshead Primary we have Early Intervention strategies in place from P1. This is a programme which screens children for this very reason. At Mosshead Primary we feel it is important that children with additional support needs are not isolated. In the class extra help will be given, the main aim being to increase the children's confidence by focusing on what they can do, not on what they cannot.

Research has shown that support in the early years is highly beneficial. East Dunbartonshire Council recognises the importance of early intervention and ensures that all Primary 1 classes are supported by a Learning Support teacher. This enables early identification and assessment to take place.

Learning Support enables effective partnership working with senior management, school staff, parents, pupils and other support services.

East Dunbartonshire Council in supporting inclusion in its schools has also established and developed a number of specialist support services.

These services are:-
Language and Communications Service
Social, Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties Support Service
Sensory Service (Visual and hearing impairment)
English as as Additional Language Service
Learning Support Service
Short Term Advice and response Team
Further information is available from the service managers.

Click here to view EDC Sensory Service Leaflet
Click here to view EDC English as an Additional Language Service Leaflet
Click here to view EDC Network Support Service Leaflet

Psychological Service
We have a link Educational Psychologist from EDC's Psychological Service who supports us in delivering EDC's policy for identifying, assessing and supporting all pupils, particularly those with additional support needs. Our Link Educational Psychologist works collaboratively with school staff at all stages of intervention with regard to individual pupils, groups of pupils or relevant topics to the school improvement plan.

Click below to view Psycholgical Service Information Leaflets:
Information for parents
Information for Young People
Meetings Involving The educational Psychologist - Guidance for Parents/Carers
Guide to Educational Psychology Assessment