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Religious and Moral Education

At Mosshead Primary School our Religious and Moral Education programme is widespread covering moral and social values and the study of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Much R.M.E. is implicit and is taught by fostering an ethos of care, consideration and respect for others in all aspects of school life. In the development of pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural values our aim is to educate not instruct. Based on national advice set out in S.O.E.I.D. circular 6/91 Scottish Government Schools Directorate Circular 1/2005 the education (Scotland) Act 1980 and the standards in Scotland's Schools etc act 2000.

  • Helps pupils towards a consistent set of beliefs, values, attitudes and practices.
  • Is concerned with the spiritual growth of the pupil.
  • Encourages pupils to become aware of a wide range of religious interpretations of personal experience.
  • Fosters attitudes of open enquiry and awareness of prejudice.
    To help us study Christianity and other world religions we have developed a balanced programme of study.
    Parents have the right to withdraw their child from R.E. should they so desire. A letter to this effect, addressed to the Head Teacher, is all that is required.
    We would be happy to discuss arrangements to provide religious education and observance for children from non-Christian religious groups and the school will provide several opportunities for religious observance in a school year, in addition to traditional celebrations central to the life of the school community.