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Scottish Opera – Warriors! The Emperor’s Incredible Army

Last year, the senior pupils were thrilled to take part in Scottish Opera’s ‘Curse of the Macabbra Opera House’. Their singing was amazing and the cast of Scottish Opera were absolutely delighted with the final performance. In fact, they were so impressed by the pupils of Mosshead that we were selected to premiere Scottish Opera’s brand new opera; Warriors! The Emperor’s Incredibe Army. This opera is all about Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi who wanted an army of terracotta warriors constructed so that they could buried with him when he died.
Cast members of Scottish Opera came in for the all-day workshop on Thursday, 15th January 2014 and the pupils were proud to perform Warriors for the first time ever that afternoon in front of an invited audience which included the composer himself, and representatives from the Confucius Institute who have supported Scottish Opera in this project.


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