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Scottish Parliament Visit

As part of our topic, we invited someone from the Scottish Parliament to our class for the morning. Mrs McKechnie joined us for a short time and we had a great morning learning more about the Scottish Parliament.
First, we started with an interactive quiz to show her our existing knowledge of the Parliament. We then had to work in groups to make notes about a given topic to persuade people that it was extremely important. Next, in our group, we had to choose one person to share our views to the class. As there were 6 groups, we listened to six different important issues including using technology, animal welfare and music. Then, we were individually given a ballot paper to vote for the one we thought should win. Miss Ballingall then counted them and the winner was announced. It was a close call! Finally, we took part in a parliamentary debate. We were given an issue and time to prepare ‘for and against’ arguments in our groups. Christopher acted as our Presiding Officer, who chaired the debate. We were given the chance to participate under the orders of Christopher.
The whole experience was truly fabulous and we learned so much. Although, it’s fair to say that we impressed Mrs McKechnie with what we already knew too!