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Self Evaluation

Mosshead Primary School has always has a clear vision. It is our shared vision that Mosshead Primary provides the very best educational experience possible for every child in our care and that we are committed to the self evaluation process to ensure a successful passage way on our Journey to Excellence. We are a proud school and we take every opportunity to celebrate attainment and achievement in our school. We are always looking to raise the bar to ensure continued improvement.

From the minute prospective parents walk through the door, we work hard to build a relationship with them, gathering as much information as possible. We have our systems and structures in place to ensure an in depth knowledge of every child in our school. Profiling systems provide us with detailed information to enable us to cater for the learning needs of each child in our care. We fully engage and consult with all stakeholders, pupils, parents, staff and partners which enables everyone to play a part and influence the way the school develops. We have evidence of high satisfaction levels with different groups highlighting that they feel involved.
We strive for a stimulating educational environment in which children and staff feel safe, secure, challenged and supported. We all work very hard to develop and deliver the highest quality service that we can. This culture is permeated throughout our school environment.
The delivery of our service is of paramount importance to Mosshead Primary. We set very high standards for attainment and we take every opportunity to celebrate achievement both internally and externally. Everyone is very clear about what is expected of them. If we note dips in performance then quick action is taken to rectify this and on going monitoring of all work is done both internally and also by external bodies. If problems arise we deal with them quickly. Any complaints are dealt with immediately and if possible resolved within 24 hours.
In our business the majority of contact with parents and pupils is face to face. Staff show a clear commitment to dealing with all stakeholders immediately. Parents confirmed that our response times to any needs were very quick and this was important to them. Monitoring of children’s work, forward plans and classroom observations is set to clear time scales and we take cognisance of all evaluations to further improve our practice.