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Separating Mixtures - Chromatography


Through our continued study of ‘Separating Mixtures’ we have recently been experimenting with the process of chromatography. This is the process of separating the different pigments in ink. When exposed to a solvent, in this case water, the pigments spread and separate into different colours.

We performed this experiment after a note was found which said:

‘Primary 6b must tidy their classroom... or else!’

As Primary 6b are very proud of their tidy classroom, they decided to investigate who left the note by using chromatography to identify the pen that was used to write the note. As each black pen has different pigments, we were able to match our results to that of the note, and discovered that the culprit was.... Mrs McFarlane!

This was a very exciting challenge and we are looking forward to learning even more about this very interesting science topic.