Images from around the school

Sun, Moon and Stars


This term we have been exploring the Sun, Moon and Stars as our Science topic.
The Sun
We investigated “What causes night and day?” and conducted an investigation to show how the earth rotates. We discovered that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We cut out silhouettes and painted the sun at different times of the day.

The Moon
We dropped marbles into trays of sand to show the craters on the moon’s surface.

Next we got creative and each made a moon collage using string, buttons and tissue paper.


Primary 3b also explored the different phases of the moon. We worked in groups to create mini moon fact books using the internet to research information. Then we used Oreo cookies to carve the different phases and displayed them on a group plate.

We were happy to hear that we could eat the cookies afterwards! Yum!


The Stars
We looked at constellations in the night sky and worked in pairs to recreate them on black card with chalk and star stickers.
“We thought this constellation looked like a one claw scorpion. We found out that its real name is Bootes.” by Bryce and Saul


“We thought that Gemini looked like two dancers.” by Layla and Izzah