Images from around the school


In Mosshead Primary, we use a range of ICT resources to enhance teaching and learning...

The infant classes are using Math Mats as part of their maths programme.


Qwizdom is an interactive voting system that is being introduced throughout the school. It can be used to present quizzes and lessons in all curricular areas. The pupils (and parents) who have used Qwizdom have been very positive about this interactive resource!


Each class throughout the school has its own Dancemat, another interactive resource that is used across the curriculum to reinforce learning and develop co-ordination and thinking skills. The programme, Easiteach Dancemat, has a variety of activities which cover a range of topics - some more tricky than others!


Interactive Whiteboards are in use in every classroom. Teachers use them to introduce new concepts, look at relevant websites as a whole class, play educational games and present Power Point presentations.


In our newly refurbished ICT Suite we are able to access PC's and Laptops that allow us to improve our word processing skills, research topics, re-draft work, and create presentations.

The PTA have very kindly supplied us with a set of twelve Nintendo DS handsets with Brain Training games, for which we are very grateful. These will be used initially in the upper stages to improve mental calculation and speed. The PTA have also purchased new interactive problem solving programmes for every class, as well as an iPod and microphone to help us to create podcasts - watch this space!


ICT resources contribute to the stimulating and motivating learning environment that all teachers in Mosshead Primary strive to create for our pupils.