Curriculum for Excellence

All pupils in Mosshead Primary School strive to fulfil the four capacities within ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’.

Certificates for each capacity are awarded by teachers and other staff and presented at assemblies to pupils who have shown themselves to be striving in that area.

Our children portray the following qualities and skills as they achieve across the four capacities.

Our Successful Learners Display
  • enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • determination to reach high standards of achievement
  • openness to new thinking and ideas
 Are able to
  • use literacy, communication and numeracy skills
  • use technology for learning
  • think creatively and independently
  • learn independently and as part of a group
  • make reasoned evaluations
  • link and apply different types of learning in new situations
Our Responsible Citizens Display
  • respect for others
  • a commitment to participate responsibly as a citizen within society
Are able to
  • develop knowledge and understanding of the world and of Scotland’s place in it
  • understand different beliefs and cultures
  • evaluate environmental and ethical issues
Our Effective Contributors Display
  • an enterprising attitude and determination
  • resilience and self-reliance
Are able to
  • communicate in different ways in different settings
  • work in partnership and in teams
  • take the initiative and lead others
  • create and develop ideas and have the ability to solve problems
 Our Confident Individuals Display
  • self-respect
  • a sense of physical, mental and emotional well being
  • secure values and beliefs
  • ambition
Are able to
  • relate to others
  • pursue a healthy and active lifestyle
  • assess risk and make informed decisions
  • achieve success in different areas of activity