The Parent Council is a parent body which strives to represent and communicate the views of parents to the school, local authority and wider community.

We are here to make sure parents have a say in their children’s education and have a platform to express their views and wishes.

Whilst most issues are resolved locally between parents, class teachers and the head teacher the parent council as a constituted group works on behalf of the parent body to focus on major issues affecting the majority of pupils and parents.

The parent council is also a key consultative group regularly providing opinion to the local authority and others. Please see Mosshead Primary's Parent Council Constitution for more information.

Name Current Years~2019/20
Ruairidh Dunford P4, P7
Jo McQuarrie P6, P7
Rhona Mason P5, P6
Shashi Ramachandra P4
Alison Ward P6
Jennifer Phillps P5, P7
David Lockington P7
Ashling Anderson P3, P7
Angela Straine P3, P6
Claire McGrouther P2
Jennifer Hunter P1
Scott Reardon P2

If you wish the Parent Council to address an issue on your behalf, please contact any of the PC members listed above or drop us an email to

For further information view our Guide to Mosshead Primary School Parent Council.